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The News Network

Communication with Users at Eye Level

A project of:

Portraitfoto Dr.-Ing. Rainer Lutze, Dipl.-Inform.

Rainer Lutze is a computer scientist, founder and owner of Dr.-Ing. R. Lutze Consulting, a consultancy company with an emphasis on digital media

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Portraitfoto Michael M. Strzodka

Michael Strzodka is a newspaper journalist, he has been managing editor and member of the editorship of „Westfälischen Rundschau“ in the city of Dortmund, Germany

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The Core

The news network is an exclusively digital, mobile, multimedia continuation of local and regional newspapers. The network content will be predominantly provided by readers, users. The news network enables each user to participate in societal communications in a democratic way. As a basic principle and in contrast to social networks, the network news are of general, public interest.

Journalistic Aspects

Modern people have a great interest concerning information about their immediate living environment. Today, they do expect more and more participation, interaction and addressing at eye's level. Each user of the network potentially may be also a reporter of local events.

A special quality management system integrated in the network assures that only eyewitnesses can report and assess events. Each eyewitness may contribute to the reporting about an event. The diverse reportings concerning an event, texts, images and videos, will be merged into a common news topic. The aggregated news will be automatically enriched with suitable materials from other sources. This includes to request additional eyewitness reports or expert contributions for a controversal or insufficient news situation. Contributions and assessments from a plenitude of eyewitnesses will result in a reliable news relevance comparable to the main principle of Wikipedia.

With the news network, events will be acquired and published with regard to content and spatially inclusive and comprehensive even in larger areas, which is impossible to achieve by classic means on an economic basis.

The news network defines itself as a new mass communication device for serving basic information needs of citizens for segmented news about local areas and has a complementary effect to established media. It does not replace professional journalism, especially investigative reporting.

Economic Aspects

The business model of the network counts on ads mainly from sublocal markets. The new media primarily targets at younger user groups, which only hardly can be reached by print media. Especially for this audience, the network offers a targeted, customized, location based advertising platform for handcrafts, industry, commerce and services. Concerning this, please view the interview with journalist and publisher of ad-financed monthly magazines Ernst Heßmann. Ads will be distributed and displayed full-screen on smartphones and tablets, depending on declared user preferences, the current location and movement speed of the user.

Booking, design and administration of ads may be done by the customer himself efficiently via Internet. Corresponding to his requirements, a customer can change and adapt the content of this ads at any time during the booking period. He can also monitor the location specific success of his ads.

Implementation Aspects

News within he network will be updated in a circular process by assessments, corrections and amendments of already published news, given by the users.# The presentation of published news as well as the reporting is done via a common, integrated app. The app verifies whether an user is qualified as an eyewitness to report an ongoing event - or event of the last days - or to assess published news regarding such an event. For reporting, the user will be guided through a standardized process aligned to the classic „w“ question of news composition:

  • interesting for whom?
  • what happened where, when?
  • who is acting, involved rsp. affected?
  • in which way, why and with what consequences did it happen?

For the specific method, a patent has been applied for.