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After digitizing physical products by utilizing microprocessors in the outgoing twentieth century, and digitizing processes and services in the last decade, todays focal interest is on digitizing the business models of enterprises and organizations.

This continuous process of digitizing - already lasting for decades - is currently accelerated by the following factors and thus gaining a new quality:

  1. Devices. Today program controlled, highly miniaturized computers with a rich instrumentation of sensors and communicating via network, are available for a few € only (e.g. Rasperry Pi™) and may be applied practically everywhere.
  2. Connectivity. From NFC/RFID via Bluetooth and Wifi up to WAN/Internet and the cellular network, today a continuous, comprehensive, worldwide communication intrastructure for everyone with affordable costs is in place.
  3. Realtime. These devices and communication infrastructure provide the availability of information in realtime from and about things rsp. machines and vehicles, pets / farm animals, humans in their role as friends / relatives, patients, colleagues, suppliers and customers. Therewith, decisions can be taken and communicated very short-term. This not only allows for versatile, more efficient processes, but also completely new services.
  4. Communication at Eye Level. The aforementioned technical possibilities enable a democratic participation, communication at eye level of todays customers and users in the design processes of enterprises and organisations, taking account of the sociocultural change and social horizon of expectation. Sucessfull digitalization today also means to proactively respond to this collaboration requirement of customers and users in the design, decision taking and optimization of the products and services of tomorrow, in order to capitalize on these assets.

We accompany your enterprise or organization with its digital transformation by providing consultancy and implementation. Unbiased by manufacturers, in a practical-oriented manner and personally. By searching, planning, implementing and introducing new digital business models as well as by purposeful developing and restructuring established ones. Our sector expertise is on digital media and digital healthcare. Our strength is based on the combination of focussing on effective business processes with an in-depth understanding and elaboration of the technical situation and possibilities of the respective field of application.

As interim managers, we will also incur the operational responsibility for putting our elaborated solutions into practice.