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Data to value – the focal topic of our company. The presupposition of such value creation are business processes delivering data on a daily basis – or even better – in real time. In the technical sector the data sources are increasingly the internet of things (IOT).

The value creation typically is driven fully automatic by AI processes, which will perform an analysis of the current situation or predictive conclusions about the future based on machine learning (ML). For example, in the technical sector this will allow predictive maintenance in due time, thus avoiding foreseeable system downtimes. In the communication with customers, adverse events on the basis of critical customer statements, for example a cancellation, possibly can be prevented, if the stated critical points will be remedied in short-term.

Digital twins (DTs) support the value creation on the basis of a concise and functional model of an entity of the physical or built world. Different optimization scenarios for this entity can be tested efficiently and close to reality, without disturbing the regular operations of the entity in the real world. Planned entities – or entities under construction – can be effectively tailored to their specified requirements by using DTs for their design process. This saves time and money for material prototypes.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Machine Learning - cornerstone technologies of our way into the future
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