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In the health economy, mobile applications, especially health assistance applications worn at the body, wearables, will provide more and more important contributions. It is their strength to enable a comprehensive and continuous fully automatic monitoring of patient vital data around the clock. This is not only a decisive advantage in domestic care for nursing relatives. By relieving care-giving relatives from the continuous monitoring task, their quality of life will be noticeably improved. Also ambulant and stationary professional care services profit from the cost reduction by minimized staff deployment.

smartwatches for mobile assistance services
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We work since 2015 on innovative wearable app solutions based on mainstream programmable smartwatches from Apple and Samsung (see our blog). These apps enable elderly persons or persons in need of care a self-determined, healthy and safe living until very high age in their familiar home – as long as this can be justified by medical reasons.

Smart Home

There is barely no other current issue for private homes (as for office buildings) with more importance than energy efficiency. But, pending investments for the private home should target a multi-valent utility and not only focus on energy efficiency. These investments should additionally:

  • increase safety ( and comfort)

  • provide assistance functions for an ambient assistant living (AAL) at higher age.

The five smart home sectors
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For example, the safety functions shall include a presence simulation in case of longer absence of the inhabitants (vacations). The needed information can be concluded from the captured data of usage-based heating/cooling of different rooms of the home, which will be needed for maximum energy efficiency. To the assistance functions (and also for comfort and energy efficiency) also belongs an automatic illumination of passage rooms. Sufficient illumination is well known as one of most effective preventions against domestic accidents. Also the controllable shutdown of critical electric loads (e.g. electric stoves) belongs to the assistance functions, in order to systematically avoid fires caused by age-related obliviousness.

We work since 2013 on corresponding, highly cost efficient solutions based on networked Siemens LOGO! PLCs.

Digital Media

For journalists, a digital editorial system allowing a media neutral creation of content first, and afterwards featuring an efficient adaption for the different content playout channels (newspapers, internet, apps), will be one of their most important productivity tools. This includes also a digital (media) asset management system (DAM), by which illustrating media material, automatically indexed by AI, can be easily retrieved in all situations and integrated into the created content. In marketing and sales, the conversion of analogue print subscriptions into digital subscriptions is in the center of current interest.

Young subscribers studying digital media via smartphones
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In media production, a daily pro rata billing of produced ads as well as reliable, exhaustive and maximum cost efficient distribution logistics for paper made media product is in the center of interest.

We work since fifteen years in the area of selecting and introducing tailored editorial systems, implementation of news portals, integration architectures with DAMs as well as SAP based distribution logistics for newspapers.